An exciting avenue that has just opened up for us is selling our gift cards in Costco in Newport News, VA. The cards are sold in packets of four $25.00 cards for $79.99. This has been a very successful endeavor and one that can help customers to save when they need a gift for any occasion.

We are now offering a new menu item that Mr. Pierce made in order to improve on the quality of the product.

The new version of the rib is actually a pork shank, which is part of the Boston butt. The Boston butt is the front shoulder of the hog. The shank is leaner than the original rib and meatier with only one bone. We flash fry the rib and serve it to you with Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que Honey Sauce.

The new Pierce's Rib is served in a basket with fries and barbecue sauce. It consists of four large meaty ribs, a large order of fries and the dipping sauce. The Pierces Rib is also served Ala Carte. This item consists of six ribs and the dipping sauce.

The ribs are also part of the Combo Dinner.

In an effort to stick to our roots, we are once again making our cole slaw in house.


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Have I got news for you! This has been a year of change for us.

We have undergone major renovations.

After 40 years of struggling with a well and drain fields, I spearheaded a project to bring public water and sewer services to Pierce's. These services will also benefit the Oak Tree community behind the restaurant. The area we are in is the last link on the Middle Peninsula to receive public utilities.

The exterior of the building has been painted. I have also renovated the interior of the meat room. We have also posted signs to let our animal lovers know where to walk their dogs. The "relieving station" is located behind the dumpsters in the back area of the restaurant. The waste bags are provided.

I have enlarged my Management staff in order to be able to offer you better services. A delivery service has been implemented with certain restrictions.

Also, don't forget our catering options. The Management staff can help you with any inquiry you might have. We have catered any number of events through the years and would love to add you to the list!

We ship throughout the year. We will be glad to help you with your ordering needs. Please check our website for additional information.

If you have a question about our services, please call the store at 757-565-2955. Our Managers on duty will be more than happy to help you.

While we have maintained our original menu, the seasonal options have been expanded. The traditional Brunswick Stew is on the menu as soon as the first sign of Fall approaches. Fresh corn on the cob is offered when in season.

Our Southern style vegetables, green beans and collards, are made in house with our own recipes. We also have our made from scratch corn muffins. I have also added to our homemade desserts.

We now sell bags of our old fashioned chipped ice. One of the things I have found true through the years is how many of our customers like our ice. When opening the Norfolk location many years back I found out the hard way that we have to have that certain type of ice... I had to have the ice machine recalibrated in order to have our ice pellets!

Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que Original and Honey Bar-B-Que Sauces are now being sold in over 600 grocery stores and specialty shops throughout the East Coast! To name a select few, Martins, Fresh Farm, Giant and selected WalMart's. One of the specialty shops carrying our sauces is O'Virginia in Carytown in Richmond, VA.

The following is a comment card that I want to share with you! This was written by Debra C. from Frederick, Md.

"I just wanted to let you know that we have been going to Pierce's since 1972. My brother was in the Navy and I was going to ODU. We would visit the Williamsburg Pottery Shop, then go to Pierce's. I moved to Maryland & my son went to ODU and the exciting thing was we would stop at Pierce's when we went to visit him. He is currently in the Navy and we always stop at Pierce's to eat when we visit him."

"No matter where we go-we always compare other barbecue place to Pierce?s. Believe me, there is no comparison! My brother, who lives in Florida, still talks about how good your barbecue is!"


It's because of our loyal customers that we have been able to stay in business for so many years!! It is such a wonderful feeling to know that we are appreciated so much. We have been awarded many distinguished awards this year mainly because of your patronage and word of mouth recommendations.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC'S ultimate travel guide for 2012, THE TEN BEST OF EVERYTHING has designated us one of the top ten barbecue joints in the United States! We are the only barbecue restaurant in Virginia mentioned!

For the year 2012, we have been awarded the HAMPTON ROADS MAGAZINE award for "Best Bar-B-Que." This magazine is based in Norfolk, Va.

Also for the year 2012, VIRGINIA LIVING MAGAZINE awarded us the "Best Barbecue Restaurant" in the state. This magazine originates in Richmond, Va.

Thanks for all of the comment cards that have been filled out. My staff and I read each one and do appreciate your feedback. We are always trying to improve each aspect of the business and appreciate your input.

Back in December we received an email from 1Lt. Sean Hoyt, currently deployed to Camp Redleg in Afghanistan along with 400 other soliders. He was introduced to Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que while stationed at Fort Lee, VA in 2010. He writes, "The one thing that is on every Soldiers mind is Chow...There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about your Bar-B-Que!" He continues, "I was wondering if you would be so kind to donate a few bottles to our mess hall so we can at least have a little taste of home."

How could we resist a request like that!

After receiving the bar-b-que sauce, 1Lt. Hoyt was back in touch. "The Sauce came in the mail and it was a HUGE hit for our rib night the other night. Please see the attached photos." We thought we'd share a few!

We wish the best for our troops at Camp Redleg and all service members who protect our great nation. Here's to a safe return and when you get back we hope you'll stop by Pierce's to say hello!

Our customers ask lots of questions about how the meat is prepared.

The process was perfected by Doc Pierce when he first started the business. He actually built his own barbecue pit in the side yard next to his house. Nothing big or glamorous, a regular sized concrete blocked pit that could hold about 4 to 6 pieces of Boston butts. He would cook on Monday and Tuesday in the store the remaining five days of the week.

When the business started growing, so did the size of the pits. The second pit was located nearer to the store where we now have one of our stock rooms. The bigger pits were then built where our pits are located now. We now have 3 pits, all made of the fire brick. Each pit is double-sided. All are encased under a steel roof with screened windows on three sides!

Through the years our Pitmaster, Charles Wallace, and his helpmates have learned to build and then bank the fires, adjust to weather conditions that affect cook time, and learned to test the doneness of the meat by "touch."

Charles Wallace has worked for Pierce's for 17 years. As a new employee, Mr. Wallace worked in the kitchen and was then promoted to the Meat Room. He had been in the United States Navy and then worked at the Department of Corrections for 2 years.

The Assistant Manager is Walker Green. The other employees in the Meat Room are Gary Montz and Kendell Jackson.

The meat is cooked over hickory and oak wood. The fire is ignited with wood chips. The cooking process starts around 5:30 in the morning. Pierce?s uses only Boston butts. The cooking process can take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours depending on the weather conditions.

The Smokehouse
Once the fires are started, it takes about 1 ? hours to bank the fires properly and then place the raw meat on the pits. Using long-handled forks, the men turn the meat. Throughout the process, meat thermometers are used to check the cooking process. The men can also tell how the cooking is progressing when using the forks by the way the meat "feels." This comes with experience. There is never a set time as to when the meat will be done. The men work in shifts, five days a week. The first shift does most of the cooking. The second shift is in charge of the chopping process.

The hand chopped process takes quite a few hours. Needless to say, they take this part of the process very seriously.

The chopped meat is then marinated in our original sauce and placed in buckets. We also keep track of the gallons of sauce that is added to the meat. In this way, after weighing each item and keeping track of the sauce, we can tell how much each ounce of barbecue costs to be produced.

Our barbecue sauce is made by Mr. Wallace and Mr. Green. Each step in the manufacturing of the sauce was perfected through the years by Mr. J.C. (Doc) Pierce, Sr. The tradition has been carried on by Mr. J.C. Pierce, Jr. and the able-bodied men that have worked in the Meat Room through the years.

The first Pitmaster, after Mr. Pierce, Sr., was George Lemnios. George traveled from Chesapeake, Va. to Williamsburg five days a week! George retired from Pierce?s after 30 years of service.