Did you know we have a fantastic picnic area? There are 36 tables with umbrellas to shade you from the sun - or save you from an unexpected shower! The area can be reserved at no charge for parties. We hope you'll keep us in mind the next time you're planning an event!

Due to customer demand, we are again offering the hand pulled chicken barbecue. It is served in the regular and the jumbo sized sandwiches. You can also get it in a Smokehouse Special along with fries, cookie and a drink. We have the barbecued chicken dinners. The chicken is also served in the combo dinners. It is also available in bulk containers.

The chocolate brownie is now back on the menu. Took awhile to find the right recipe but we believe we found it! Try it sometime.

Corn on the cob is now in season! We will keep it on the menu as long as the quality of the corn is worth selling. We cut the "corn season" short last year because of the poor quality of the product. So far, no problems!

The new addition to the menu is the pork shanks. The shanks are flash fried and served with the honeyed barbecue sauce. We serve them in two different portions. The Pierces Pork Shank Basket consists of four shanks, four ounces of the barbecue sauce and fries. We also serve an ala carte basket with six shanks and the barbecue sauce.

After over three decades, the Solo Cup Co. no longer makes the yellow cup. This cup became one of our trademarks. We tried different colors but found that the logo looked best on the white background. So, therefore, the new Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que logoed cup will be white!

We have now renovated our restrooms! The old restrooms had been built in 1985 and really needed to be refurbished. Due to county ordinances, they could not be enlarged. We feel we are a destination rest stop between Richmond and Newport News and I wanted to update the facilities. I have done so with new fixtures, mosaic tiles and partitions.

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J.C. at O'Virginia Opening
Party in Carytown Richmond
with Nutsy the Flying Squirrel
Our barbecue sauce is sold not only in our restaurant but also at other retail outlets on the Eastern Seaboard. In order to promote the sauce, we have teams of employees that will go out and do in store promotions at different locations.

I always enjoy the face to face contact with our old customers as well as letting people know about the different uses for the sauce. We also give out samples of the pork barbecue. We have had three promotions within the last month at different Walmart locations in Richmond and on the Peninsula. Walmart is now promoting "All Virginia" sections that hold some fine Virginia made products.

Our first demonstration was at the Walmart Short Pump location near Richmond. We were welcomed to the store by various officials from Walmart as well as the State of Virginia. We met, among others, the Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry, Todd Haymore. The Virginia state officials are very excited about the promotion that Walmart is presenting.

While at Short Pump, we also met the owners of Graves Mountain Lodge and food products. Rachel and James Graves are in Syria, Va. They had some of their wonderful apple butter and damson preserves to sample among other products. Mr. Graves told me that his business is a true "family affair." We also met a representative of Byrd Mill that is from Ashland, Va. They have a unique gourmet food assortment and specialty baking mixes. Lot of other Virginia made products. You can buy wines, jams, jellies, and peanuts just to name a few!

Our second demonstration was at the Walmart Yorktown, Va. location. This store also has a separate section for the Virginia made products. We again enjoyed making new acquaintances and listening to lots of Pierce's stories from established customers. We are always amazed at how many people eat at our restaurant, had their first date there, proposed to their sweetheart, celebrated birthdays!!

All in all, an enjoyable experience. We gave away over ten pounds of samples of our barbecue as we talked about the two types of sauces we have.

Tonya Walker, GM, at Hampton
Walmart demo, May 2013
The next location we visited was in Hampton, Va. I have to say that at our third demonstration we met some characters!!! An elderly woman came up to talk to me to let me know how long she had been a customer at the restaurant and how much she loved our barbecue. When asked how long it had been she had visited, she said, "oh, years." I asked why so long and she said "I can't remember where the ^*#*^^ turn is to get off the big highway!"

Another gentleman told me that he uses our barbecue sauce when he grills his fish. After basting the fish with our bbq sauce, he wraps it in aluminum foil and grills it. Sounds good to me!! I have to admit that I had not thought to tell people about basting seafood with the sauce so went home and tried it on shrimp! Really good!!

We received this testimonial from N.E. of New York and, honest to goodness, it's got to be one of the best ever. We thought we'd share it.

"I'm glad to continue to get your emails and see Pierce's expand and grow. I'm compelled to share my 40-year-old story with you.

My father first introduced me to Pierce's in the early 70's, when I was a young boy. We would have lived in Hampton at the time (I was an Army brat) so I would have been 3 or 4. We'd stop in for lunch on the way to the Outer Banks. God knows how he found you as you were so far off our trail, but I always recall that tiny little shack...maybe 10x12...with only a walk-up window and a smoky little shack in the back. Every trip. Every time. We, as the kids, had the task of searching for you from the far side of 64, and the game was for us to spot you on that service road behind the first stand of trees, and to alert our parents so they "wouldn't miss the exit" and could loop back over the Newman Rd. overpass.

We'd all moved on in years to come. McLean, VA, Florida, and finally NY State. But before we all went off to college, we always had that family trip to the beach, and we always had a reason to go out of our way to Pierce's. I remember the shed basically doubling in size one year, but still with a walk-up window, little paper trays and all (at some point they became plastic baskets, as I recall)...and what looked to me like the same old smokey shack in the back. We were always so excited. Years later there was suddenly a whole new building with an asphalt parking lot. You could actually sit inside! As my memory serves, I always recall a smokey little shed in the back, although I honestly think that's just infused in my memory now. Funny only seeing something year to year, like a distant friend's children, it's like they grow in leaps and bounds! We kids are all over the country now, but I'm still on the east coast and whenever I have the time I take the trip down, I stop in, buy lunch or dinner, a coffee mug (I still use my 25th and 35th anniversary mugs every day), and buy some more sauces of which I have a pantry shelf dedicated to.

So to let you know, Pierce's has been one of the fondest memories of my life, one of those safe havens in my memory in a world where those safe havens can so easily become fewer and farther between. They damn near bring a tear to my eye. Each trip to 'OBX' is punctuated by the thought that I get to go to Pierce's, no matter how long the diversion, to order a savory pulled-pork sandwich, hushpuppies, a side of slaw and a root beer. I sometimes can't tell what I look forward to the most; going to the shore or having an opportunity to stop by Pierce's for one of my favorite meals in the whole world.

I just wanted to say thank you not only for what you've done for yourselves, your community and those around you, but also for those far away who have truly been affected by what you've created, and who have taken you with them.

Wishing you the best in 2013, and whatever you do, don't get rid of that old shack."

We're humbled and honored to have such a loyal customer. We're looking forward to seeing you soon!

Mrs. Acree has been with Pierce's for 26 years. When she was first hired, the manager did not feel that "she would last too long because she is so quiet."

Cathy has more than proven her ability to become a valued employee. She has worked as a cashier, in the kitchen, and in prep. Cathy has also spent time in our catering department. Through the years she has shown leadership qualities and has taken on the responsibility of supervising both the kitchen and the prep area. Her knowledge of the workings of the restaurant is exceptional. When Cathy is asked for advice concerning different aspects of the business you will receive a no nonsense answer. You may not agree with her but her logical point of view wins you over most times!

Cathy has been married for over twenty five years to Irvin Acree. They have two children, Martez and Catrice. They are the proud grandparents of three grandchildren, all under the age of 7.

Mrs. Acree was the youngest of eleven children. She is very close to her family. Cathy is also a member of Chickahominy Baptist Church. She can be found there most Sundays. She derives great pleasure from her activities in the church.

Cathy is greatly appreciated for her honest, forthright approach to things! She also makes some of the best deviled eggs you could ask for. Thanks, Cathy, for your years of service and dedication!

Distinction Magazine's Summer 2013 edition has quite an extensive layout about barbecue in the Hampton Roads area. I am proud to say that Pierce's was one of the barbecue restaurants featured.

The best photo, in my estimation, was of our delicious Boston butts that were displayed on the pit as our Pittmaster, Charles Wallace, was turning them. Beautiful presentation!! Smoke and all!!

Distinction Magazine is published by the Virginian Pilot in the Hampton Roads area.

Virginia Living Magazine has again named Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que in the Best of Virginia 2013. Voted the Best Barbecue Restaurant in Eastern Virginia, the article warns you to be "prepared to drool!"

We have been awarded this award from Them for two years in a row!