We received a very nice thank you note written by one of our catering customers to our Catering Manager, Jackie Brinkley.

"Our party was a big success and it didn?t rain! Everyone, of course, loved Pierces. We just want to say thank you for all of your help."

Janet and Wayne

Get in touch with our Management Staff and get them to help you plan your next party. You can pick it up, heated and ready to go, or get a Quick Cater, or have a Full Service event planned completely by our staff. We have lots to offer and needless to say, "your wish is our command."

October 15th marks our 42nd anniversary! Our thanks to our many loyal customers who have made this accomplishment possible. We never forget how fortunate we are.

If you've been getting our emails for any length of time, you know supporting our troops is a big deal to us. As the biggest independent user of Heinz Ketchup in the state of Virginia, we are delighted to know it's a big deal to them as well. In fact, like us, they put words into action. Their "Our Turn to Serve" campaign teams Heinz with the Wounded Warrior Project and the USO to honor Veterans and active duty service members. We are supporting Heinz in this endeavor by featuring Heinz Ketchup bottles with a code that can be scanned with a smartphone. This gives you the ability to send a note to a service member. Additionally, Heinz will donate up to $1.57 per participating patron to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Pierce?s received a Clean Business Award in August from York County. The award was presented to us at the Virginia Peninsula Clean Business Awards Program. The event was hosted by James City County. The purpose of the award is to improve the appearance of the business communities through litter control, recycling, and beautification.

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What a beautiful Summer! I hope that you enjoyed it to the fullest!

Now that Fall is upon us, please remember that some of our most enjoyable weather is to be enjoyed during the next month or so. Remember, the first sign of cool weather and we start making our delicious Brunswick Stew. We add lots of vegetables to the chicken and slow simmer in order to make the stew! This is one of the favorites on the menu!

Please come and enjoy our picnic area! The umbrellas are up in order to give you some shade, the insect population will be at a minimum, and the leaves will be turning different colors. Barbecue can be enjoyed during any season but the Fall is especially a time to do so. If you would like to reserve the area for a function please get in touch. No charge for the area just for the food and drink!

When visiting, please notice the renovated restrooms. I hope you like the colors!

We've got lots of new T shirts and mugs. The design is a throwback to one of our earliest designs. Very retro! Some of the shirts are done in school colors! We have green and gold for William & Mary. We also have burgundy and gold for the Redskins! Stop by and get a shirt to wear to the football game. And why not tailgate with Pierce's! We will even cater at the games if asked! And there's a bonus - mention this newsletter when placing a catering order and receive a free t-shirt!

Other than catering for your football game, we also have the Doc's Family Special for $43.99 that feeds 6. We also have our Pierce's Picnic Special that feeds 16 for $119.99. Place an order for either one and pick it up at your convenience.

I have heard from some of our dedicated soldiers in Afghanistan. We have now sent items to the Air Force, Marines and Army.

Maj. Roy Louque of the USAF wrote to say he'd recently tried our sauce and found it to be one of the best he'd ever had. Maj. Louque is a Head Chef currently stationed in SW Asia. He tells us they have monthly BBQ's as a morale booster for the medical group. He says, "It is very important to me to have good food here to make our time go by faster. I was told that your BBQ is the best in VA from a friend here. I will be visiting your restaurant upon my return to VA next year. ... Your donation will go a long way to increase our spirits."

From the Marine Corps, we heard from Cpl. Julien Cannon. At his sister's request, we sent him a half-gallon of BBQ sauce. He tells us he and his "Goon Squad" loved the sauce, and sent us this picture as a thank you! Notice the Pierce's sticker on the humvee!

I appreciate their time in the service to our country and am glad to be able to send them bottles of the original barbecue sauce to spice up their meals. They have also received hats, shirts and bumper stickers!

We love to meet our customers and hear about how they came to Pierce's. Recently we spoke to Michelle, Mark and AJ. Here is their story:

Mark and I married in 2007 after meeting on Match.com and relocating to Williamsburg. I (Michelle) grew up in a small Virginia Town, Staunton, about 2.5 hours West of Williamsburg. I grew up in your typical small southern town and Wright's Dairy Rite was our local, staple for good "fast food" type of food (like Pierce's, you have to wait for fresh cooked food but it is very much worth the wait). I would always pick Wright's if we got to eat out, when I was a kid. As I have lived out of Staunton for almost 12 years, it was always a "must have" meal when I went home.

After living in Williamsburg for sometime, it wasn't until I gave up my sales job at the Daily Press, that we began to explore Williamsburg. We had heard several local friends speak of Pierce's and their amazing BBQ. Now Mark is not a huge BBQ fan, but their menu has something for everyone.? Mark got his first Saloon Special (a made to order burger) and we were told it would be 15 minutes for our order to be ready due to the burger. We waited patiently, nowadays we order some hush puppies separate, so we can have an appetizer while we wait.

We were set to have our first child in October 2009 and decided Friday night date nights would be a good way to spend time together, while there are still two of us. So every Friday night, we would go to Pierce's for our date. It was a great place to getaway, eat a wonderful meal and sit and enjoy each other. Luckily, it wasn't usually busy on our Friday date nights. We only missed a few date nights that summer and some at the very end of my pregnancy.

It is a nice memory we have of our family of two and now we get to enjoy it with our little boy. AJ will be 4 this October and he is a BBQ sandwich and chicken tender fan, plus the cookies are delicious everyday!

I have used Pierce's for catering a party or just picked up to bring home for dinner. I am thankful to have found my "Wright's" here is Williamsburg. Thank you to the Pierce's for being the best little date night! We look forward to making more memories there!

We also heard from Susan of Acron, OH. This past June a large storm passed through this way and knocked out power. Even so, we did our best to get back up and running as quickly as possible. We received an email from Susan, who'd placed an order for some barbeque as a treat for a southern Father's Day celebration. Not having heard the weather news, she was concerned as she had not been able to get in touch to confirm the order. We apologized for the delay, checked that her order had been processed and let her know her package should be delivered on time. She writes,

"Thank you so much. Shortly after I wrote to you yesterday, I realized what must have happened. There wasn't much news about the storm up here (when it didn't nail us the way they predicted, it ceased to be "newsworthy", I guess) so neither my son nor I had thought about that. When we did realize it, we figured there was no way you'd be up and running in time. Imagine my delight when the USPS truck pulled up and delivered a box from Pierce's!

I hope you're all ok and that there wasn't much damage. Losing power is one thing, losing people or property is another. My thoughts are with you. And to say that I'm impressed is an understatement. What amazing customer service. We've been long-time fans of Pierce's and this reaffirms that. Thank you so much for taking such good care of your customers during what must be a harried and pretty crazy time, at best."

Every business should have someone like Gale Richmond. She is a stickler for detail. Works very hard to make sure we have accurate counts on every item in the store. Gale started out as a cashier eleven years ago and quickly worked up to a managerial position. She now works very closely with the Director of Operations and the General Manager about all aspects of ordering and inventory. She also works diligently in the Prep Department and as a Manager in the store when needed.

Gale was born in Roanoke, Virginia but came to the Tidewater area in 1969. Her father was in the Navy and stationed in Yorktown. Gale has two children. Her daughter lives in Williamsburg. Her son lives in Mathews Virginia. Gale thoroughly enjoys her two grandchildren. She spends a lot of time in her garden during the summer months. Her winter hobby is crocheting!

The activity that makes all of us happy is her love of baking. We enjoy her cakes, cookies, brownies and the fact that she is so generous in bringing them to the restaurant to share.