Middle Peninsula Insurance and Financial Services sent us a nice note thanking us for the great food for their Middle Peninsula Tailgate! They stated,

"all of the food was fantastic but the pork shanks were definitely the BIG DEAL of the day."

Our Pork Shanks have proven to be a big hit and a welcome addition to the menu. Please come in and try them!

Not long ago we were featured in a "Purely Peninsula" article published in the Daily Press. It states

"Pierce's is an institution that's been feeding locals and tourists since 1971".

Additionally, local food writer Patrick Evans-Hylton is quoted as saying,

"Not only is the food good, but I love the surroundings, too. It's definitely a time capsule. I don't think they've redecorated in 20 or 25 years and that's a good thing."

You can see the full article here.

We are honored to be the only restaurant mentioned in this article.

We now have free wi-fi in the restaurant! Come by and check it out!

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I am proud to say that the Pierce's Original Bar-B-Que Sauce bottle with the new label is now on the shelves. I have decided on a more vibrant look that will help our customers to locate the sauce in the stores where it is sold. The Honey Bar-B-Que sauce label has also been redone and we will have it on the shelves this month. The new addition to the family, Pierce's Bar-B-Que Hot Sauce, will be available this month also.

Please feel free to contact us for distributor information. We will also have a list of all stores that carry our sauce. Do you have a favorite store that you would like to see it in? Let us know!

For the first time in the history of Pierce's, smoked turkeys were offered to our customers in order to give them a succulent, tender turkey for their holiday table.

The turkeys weighed 12-14 pounds before cooking. The dry rub used on them contained the same ingredients that are in Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que's Original Sauce. The rub added a somewhat sweet taste blended with a smoked flavor. I was in charge of the operation from beginning to end as it was a new venture for our employees as well as our customers.

The turkeys were smoked on our pits using only hickory and oak wood. They were checked and rechecked by our Pittmaster, Charles Wallace. The smoking process not only takes time but also takes patience.

One of our customers was kind enough to critique the finished product for us.

"I have never had a smoked turkey before and I have to say I was a little hesitant but pleasantly surprised. As instructed, I reheated the turkey and then carved it up for our Thanksgiving dinner."

"The surprise came in the sweetness the smoke and rub gave the turkey. The turkey was extremely tender and moist and most of all, delicious. I used the giblets to make a gravy and that too had a significant taste but one that everyone loved. My sons who are not white meat eaters said that even the breast meat melted in your mouth. So overall, I believe you have a success in smoking turkeys!"

..Sandy K.

Thanks to her and to other customers that we heard from, I feel that the Smoked Turkey will become a holiday favorite.

We are pleased to announce we have again been featured by National Geographic. Originally listed in the third edition of the Ten Best of Everything, they have recently reposted the article in their Intelligent Travel blog.

One of the many great things about receiving a national award is hearing from customers from long ago. After seeing the article, we received these kind words from William, who remembers us from across the years as well as the miles.

"Happy New year! I hope this finds you well. I wanted to touch base as i grew up eating at P.P.-BBQ and living in Williamsburg, VA. Currently I'm in San Francisco, CA. It's great to see you guys have an e-commerce site up and running and that the place is doing so good!

i ran across this article http://intelligenttravel.nationalgeographic.com/2013/02/08/the-10-best-bbq-joints-in-america/ and you guys were #8 and instantly brought back so many memories. I wish you guys would expand out here in California!!

Have a great week!"

In addition to the award, it's great to know we've contributed to some positive childhood memories!

We are always delighted when we receive notes and emails from our customers. Not long ago Kevin, Judy, Martha and Celia stopped by and left us this note.

"You generously sent to our son in Afghanistan sauce?and stickers this summer.We saw his picture today at the cash register. He is home now and we will be with him tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Thank you for all of your support and have a Happy Thanksgiving."

We also received an email from Rich, who says,

"Great meeting you Saturday morning. Once again your food and your hospitality couldn't be matched! We enjoyed a good ole fashion tailgate at the William & Mary football game versus Towson. My wife, former W&M alum and a few sorority sisters and our families had a blast."

Thanks for the notes. We love hearing from you so keep 'em coming!

Please get in touch if you are interested in working for a well known high volume Virginia establishment. We will be hiring for the front and back of the house as well as management.

Are you a student looking for summer employment, a retiree with part time employment in mind? We are looking for enthusiastic responsible people to join our team!