USA Today Travel has listed Pierce's as one of the 10 Best Barbeque Spots in the South.

"Wildly popular among visitors to nearby Colonial Williamsburg, Pierce's has been churning out top-notch barbecue and classic Southern sides in its homey location since 1971."

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We now have St. Louis Baby back ribs on our menu. Our ribs are prepared with a dry rub of Pierce?s secret spices. The guys in the smoke house then smoke them over hickory and oak wood for hours. We thank everyone that got in touch about the ribs. We enjoyed the comment cards!

We've added a few new items to the menu. To start with, we now offer Pierce?s Chicken Wings, either plain or barbecued. And on the side, there are two additional choices - mashed potatoes and baked apples. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

Fresh seasonal corn on the cob is back soon to be followed by locally grown produce such as Hanover tomatoes and watermelon!

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Summer is finally here! Our beautiful flowers have been blooming and the umbrellas are up in our picnic area! After such a brutal winter it is nice to sit outside and enjoy the great weather as well as a barbecue! We have been getting reacquainted with some of our faithful customers. You'll find some of their stories below.

We participated in the Made in Virginia Food and Beverage Expo in March. This is held through the Virginia State program, Finest Foods of Virginia, which features only Virginia made products. The expo was well attended and featured many famous vendors, such as Edwards Hams and Belmont Peanuts, with many fine products on display. It was hard work but worth the time and energy spent to see so many dfferent products and nice people. Our booth featured Pierce's three sauces, Original Bar-B-Que, Honey Bar-B-Que and Bar-B-Que Hot Sauce.

Speaking of our three sauces, we have now gone with a new distributor of our bottled sauces that are sold in our store as well as retail in grocery stores and specialty shops. Willard Ashburn of Ashburn Distributing in Virginia Beach is our new supplier. We have, of course, the "Pierce's Original and Honey Bar-B-Que sauces." And new to the line-up, we are proud to announce "Doc Pierce's Original Recipe Hot Sauce." The hot sauce is sold in our store and has been widely received by our customers.

Please enjoy our picnic area for family get togethers, meeting old friends, or just to let the kids and dogs run around and use up some energy.

We got this picture from Bridget, the daughter of our long-time (30 years!) CPA. She cut her teeth on Pierce's. She's all grown up now, but still comes around to visit her old stomping grounds. Here she's made her sorority symbol using our onion rings and french fries!

Our good friend Margaret loves the water, and goes prepared with her handy beach bag, complete with Pierce's sticker attached.

DC Group 
This group from DC stopped by the restaurant on their way to the Outer Banks. We love that they've planted one of our stickers on their cartop carrier!

We just love to hear from you! Here's a story from Alice and Milton C.

Our story started in March of 1973. My husband was in the Navy. We had a small apartment in Norfolk. When he would go out to sea I would go home to Richmond. On the way home I spotted a small orange building and stopped. They had the best barbecue I had ever eaten. The place was Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que. One trip I made, I took my Mother-in-law. She loved it. She also tried the onion rings. I took one of my sisters there.

We make the 45 minute run as a treat. Or in this case our 41st anniversary. We chose to go to Pierce's!

Thank you for stopping by our table and listening. Also, I understand how hard it is to keep things the same. We look forward to seeing you again.

And we received this from Kathy C. of Virginia Beach.

Our family has been eating here for close to 30 years on our way between my hometown of Virginia Beach VA where my parents live and Woodbridge VA where my husband and I and our kids live. We have had Pierce's cater my parents' 40th anniversary party (20 years ago) and picked up quarts of your delicious BBQ to take home for many parties over the years. We always get the JC special meal when we stop for a quick bite. You have the best bar-b-que i have ever eaten!

Can't wait until our next trip...just wish you were closer!

Thanks for sharing your stories! Keep 'em coming!

Mr. Marion Church has started working in our dining area as a greeter 4 days a week. He is celebrating his 90th birthday in June. That?s right, 90!! When I first got his application I felt that the birth date was an error. When he came in to be interviewed, I found him to be a delightful, spry, and interesting man. He still cuts his own lawn, goes to Nags Head each year to celebrate his birthday and to play golf. After the interview I told him that in order to be hired he would have to pass a drug test. He smiled and told me the last beer he had was at the "end of the war." I asked, "which war?" "World War II." Some of our customers, Donna and Allan from Middleburg, Va., met Mr. Church and let me know how delightful he was. "He not only took care of us, he told us to please come back!" "Love him!"