As the school year begins and the days get shorter we are reminded of our delicious Brunswick stew! The stew is made with all white chicken meat. We then add lots of vegetables with a tomato based broth. The stew goes extremely well with our homemade corn muffins. When you feel a slight chill in the air, come see us and enjoy the combination either in the restaurant or at home!

Pierce's will again sell the smoked turkeys!. Each turkey is 12-14 lbs. and is prepared with a rub consisting of the same spices you will find in our original barbecue sauce. The birds are then smoked over hickory and oak wood on the pits. You will find the outer layer to have a nice crust and the meat to be tender and moist! Contact the store for further information.

We received this note and photo from Daniel:

Went back to Virginia for the first time in seven years to see my parents for a family reunion. Heard about your place. Went there with my little boy not once but twice. All the way from Hawaii. Wish we could bring ?back sauce but the glass jars might break. Thank you for your food. Murphy, my little boy, loved it.

Thanks, Daniel! Glad to count you and Murphy as new customers. We hope you come back to see us if you get by this way again.

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What an exciting Summer! Business was good and we met so many new and interesting customers. Our tried and true customers were part of this successful season as well. Thanks for your business and believe me when I say that it is greatly appreciated.

We were told about how so many people read about us because of the USA Today article naming us one of the top 10 barbecue spots in the South. We appreciate all of the customers that come through our doors and hope that your time with us was enjoyable and that you will visit again!

We were able to visit the new Southern Seasons Gourmet Grocery and demonstrate our sauces. What a beautiful addition to the city of Richmond, Virginia. Met lots of nice people, Richmond is always so welcoming to us and we appreciate that!

I will be doing more "meet and greets" during the fall and early winter. Please introduce yourself if you happen to attend one. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have about my restaurant and will also let you know all of the tasty ways to use my sauces to enhance your meal.

Accolades to Jen Ayres and her catering team! They did a wonderful job selling the events but they also received many compliments for a job well done! Hats off to Tiffany James, Ryan Ayres, and the rest of the employees that made it happen!!

As I have said before, the restaurant runs with lots of help from some very dedicated people that work for me. Some have already been introduced to you in older newsletters. I am taking the opportunity to introduce you to our newest employee, our new General Manager, Jerry Bistline. Come in sometime and meet him!

Many thanks to our former employee, Sarah Barr, for the reflections she shared on her time spent here at Pierce's. You'll see her note below. We count ourselves lucky to have had her on our team and wish her all the best in her new career.

Happy Birthday wishes were appreciated greatly! Thanks to all who took the time to get in touch! I was given a beautiful cake for all of the staff to enjoy with me! In fact it was so delicious that I decided to sell some of the products from Extraordinary Cupcakes of Williamsburg in the store! We now have an array of cupcakes as well as their sliced carrot cake for sale.

Again, thanks to everyone for stopping by. You have helped to make our Summer the best we've had in 43 years!

We are fortunate to have been able to hire an experienced gentleman that has shown to be an asset to our staff. His maturity and sense of priority has already been proven.

Jerry was born in Carlisle, Pa. and raised in a small town called Mt. Holly Springs. It was a great place to grow up, small population, mountains, creeks and lakes everywhere!

His first job was at A&P Food Stores while in high school and beyond. He loved it! From there to PPG Industries for several years in a glass manufacturing plant. The plant was over a mile long, which was necessary to overcome the extreme heat needed to fire the ingredients into glass and to allow sufficient cook time.

Jerry also sold high end automobiles and twice had Jaguars as demos! He has also owned 7 Corvettes, 3 Trans Ams, and his favorites, a 1959 Corvette and a 1963 Corvair.

He next embarked on a 20 year career in the truck stop industry. Very interesting and demanding job. They NEVER closed. Open 24/7! He would have anywhere from 75-125 people working for him. After working in Pa. and Md., he transferred to Va. in 1992." I've been here ever since and love it! I live in the Fan District of Richmond and enjoy the city vibe."

After quitting the truck stop business, he tried his hand at business ownership. He opened the Stir Crazy Café on May, 2004. The store was primarily a dual breakfast and lunch destination. He could be found at 4:30 AM baking muffins, scones, biscuits, for the day's sales. "I was fortunate enough to sell the business in 2012."

Jerry enjoys bowling, racquetball, all types of skiing. He especially enjoys exercising!

In Mr. Bistline's words, "I am truly thrilled to join the team at Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que! I love the landmark status this business has achieved, and have been delighted to see the well deserved accolades come our way."

Sarah Barr has been with Pierce's for three years, but is now moving on. We're sorry to see her go - you'll know why when you read her remarks. We wish her all the best, and just want to say thanks - for all her hard work, her great attitude and for sharing her story...

In June 2011, I moved back to Williamsburg after two years of teaching abroad and set out to find a job. My plan was to go back to school to pursue my master's degree in education, so I knew that I would need an employer that would be willing to work with my schedule. I made up a list of possibilities, in order from how close they were to home and set off for a day of job applications.

Pierce's Pitt BBQ had been just down the road from my high school when I was growing up. It was where we went after school when we did not want to head straight home. As a distance runner, it was also a fun place to run to, eat, and run again. Being four minutes from home, Pierce's was often a go-to option when my parents had out of town guests and we needed a quick meal. It was local, family owned, near by, and delicious. I had grown up on Pierce's, but it had been years since I had been surrounded by those orange and yellow walls.

It was 3 o'clock, part of my plan to apply during the slow time, but I was startled that there were still so many people inside. Looking back, I now realize how slow they really were compared to lunch time on a summer day. At the time I was afraid if they were too busy, it would affect my first impressions. I asked for an application and sat to fill it out. The young man who handed me the application pointed me out to Andrea, the Director of Operations, and we had the chance to talk for a while. She said that they could work with my school schedule and we discussed the job, availability, and my time abroad. It seemed like a good fit, and three years later, I would have to say that it was.

Friday, August 1 was my last day as an employee at Pierce's. I spent just over three years working as a cashier, supervisor, in the dining room, and even occasionally in the kitchen or in food prep. Three years may be significant for the industry, but it is still a short stay compared to many in the Pierce's staff-family. I have learned about people through the staff and customers I have met. I had the opportunity to see all sides of people when they are hungry. I learned about patience - the kind that comes from explaining the same menu to 700 tourists in one summer's day. I had the pleasure of getting to know our regular customers and learn about their lives. Some had been coming since we opened in October 1971, and others had only discovered us in the last few years.

While I was at Pierce's, I kept a busy schedule. I was a graduate student with a full course load, studying, student teaching, working at Pierce's, and cleaning houses in my free time. I was able to brag about how accommodating they were. Not just any business would work around a student's schedule like they did. They made it possible for me to pursue my degree, while working full time during the times I could and part time when school took up more time. I felt encouraged by my managers and proud to be working with such a people-oriented team. At Pierce's, the money is not the bottom line, it is who you are working with and who you are serving that really matter.

I saw the side of the service industry that wears people down, but I also saw inspiring acts of kindness - a guest who pays for the person behind him, the manager who covers the meal of a man who forgot his wallet, the customers who helped, shared, and spoke to one another like family, instead of like strangers. There were couples who had been coming to Pierce's for date night since we opened, and then the heartbreak and love you understand when the widow continues the tradition alone. I saw a young man bring several first dates to Pierce's as a test of their shared tastes. Traveling families would tell you their journey to find us or how they heard about us. BBQ connoisseurs would celebrate the work and dedication put into our pit smoked pulled pork.

The most interesting part about working at Pierce's was meeting all the people who came to us, whether they were locals or travelers. The best part was getting to know the staff. For three years, we celebrated each other's successes and mourned with each other when there was loss. We covered each other's shifts when there was a family emergency, and we knew that if we needed it, someone would be there to cover us too. Pierce's is small in size, but it was amazing to see how all of the many pieces worked together to help each shift, each day, and each week go smoothly.

A friend, who I met as a Pierce's cashier, asked if it would be strange going back knowing that I do not work there anymore. I explained that even when enough time has passed that some of the people I knew, have been replaced with faces I do not recognize, Pierce's has always been home, and there will always be people with whom I can catch up.