Coastal Virginia

Thanks to Coastal Virginia Magazine for the #covabestof party last week. Pierce's was proud to be there! It was a great event well attended. We served our original pork bbq and our new pit cooked brisket.

Coastal Virginia

I enjoy our customer comments so much that I wanted to share a few!

"you have excellent bbq...Always a great visit!"
Terry F., Chesapeake, VA

"everyone has always been great."
Ken K., Arlington, VA

"You have some of the best barbecue I've ever had. Anytime I'm in Virginia, I have to stop and get barbecue. If I hear that friends and family are going to Virginia, I tell them to go to Pierce's Pitt."
Bob K., Trenton, NJ

Last but not least, Marge R. from Virginia Beach thinks that
"pony rides and free food"
would be a nice addition!!!

We were able to find a re-useable yellow drink cup that comes in two sizes. We will have a 22 ounce cup with our Pierce's logo on it.

Our Anniversary cup will be a 32 ounce cup to celebrate our upcoming 45th anniversary. We are proud to have Pepsi as our sponsor on the cup also. We have served Pepsi since my father first opened the store in 1971.

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Original Stand 
I am proud to announce that October 15th, 2015, was the 44th Anniversary of Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que! I am also very proud of what has been accomplished from a little walk-up in a horse pasture to our present day site.

The fact that Pierce's has survived all of these years is a tribute to my Mother and Father as well as to all of the hard work and dedication of many people. I have seen this business grow by leaps and bounds! I have seen lean years that were hard to get through. I have to say, though, that I always had faith that we would make it. I have put one foot in front of the other and kept moving along with my dedicated staff right by my side.

 Picnic Area
Thanks to all of our customers for another great summer. We have been able to add more menu items, see an increase in our catering business and enjoy meeting our new customers as well as enjoying old friendships. The picnic area proved to be a huge success. The many people that enjoyed its use seem to really enjoy being outside even in the heat!

Smoked Chicken 
Speaking of new menu items, we now have Smoked Whole Chickens, Smoked Half Chicken dinners and Smoked Beef Brisket sandwiches. The rib recipe has been revamped as have the collards. The cornbread recipe has been updated and is now is served in a small loaf as opposed to the muffin. We now have a Beef Brisket dinner on the menu. We also sell the brisket by the pound.Chef Steve Sachs has made great strides in smoking the beef and chicken over the hickory and oak wood, perfecting the temperature and times needed to smoke them.

 Smoked Turkeys
This holiday season we are offering smoked turkeys, hams and beef brisket. The fresh whole turkeys weigh between 12 and 14 lbs. They are rubbed with Pierces original seasonings. We Pit smoke them over hickory and oak for several hours locking in a great flavor! The cost of the turkey is $69.99 plus tax.

Pierce's is proud to offer spiral sliced hams this year. Our hams weigh 8 lbs. average. They are lightly smoked and finished with an apricot glaze for an elegantly rich taste. Their cost is $59.99 plus tax.

Slow Smoked Briskets are dry rubbed with special spices and smoked for 14 hours until tender. Average weight is 5 lbs. Order whole or just what you need sliced. Comes with au jus. $20.29 a pound plus tax. Please call the store, (757) 565-2955, for order deadlines. Turkeys, hams and brisket are available for in-store pick-up only.

In addition to helping out with your holiday dinner essentials, we also have an array of items that make great gifts and fit any budget. Stop by or order on line! Gift cards, shirts, hats, mugs, peanuts!! Assorted colors for the shirts and hats as well as mugs! Salted and unsalted, butter toasted, and chocolate covered peanuts, we have them all.

Catering Display

Travel Channel

I was pleasantly surprised to have the Travel Channel get in touch with us to do a segment for Food Paradise. They came to visit on September 6, the day before Labor Day. What a group of hard working, personable young men and woman we had!

The O'Malley Production Company from Los Angeles spent the day with us. We were able to enjoy the behind the scenes adventure as well as to be photographed again and again. I never realized how tedious and demanding the work of putting on a television show can be. These young people were appreciative of everything we did for them and handled themselves in a very professional manner.

Look for us sometime in 2016! I am very excited about being given the opportunity to share my restaurant to an even bigger audience!! Thanks for the great time!

 Catering Wedding
I am pleased at the tremendous increase in our catering business. I have to attribute that fact to the hard work and dedication of our Catering team. Steve Sachs and Deanna Judkins, along with Jennifer Ayres and Tiffany James, have been relentless in trying to give great customer service. Steve has revamped and added dishes that give our menu a more rounded selection for our customers.

Catering Team 
The delicious and beautiful appetizers are just one example of what someone with the knowledge and expertise can do. Steve is experienced in many facets of food service and brings that knowledge to the forefront when offering the many new recipes we now have.

 Catering Van
Our Catering Sales Director, Deanna Judkins, has proven to be one of the strongest sales people we have had work at Pierce's. She is a dedicated, no nonsense, organized person that has helped to increase sales tremendously.

Thanks to all of you for your hard work and dedication in making our spring and summer months such a great success! I have included a few pictures of just a few of their events.

Catering Display

Mack Banks 
When you come into the dining room at Pierce's you will see the smiling face of Mack Banks. We are proud to have him as one of our greeters. Mr. Banks aims to please and will help you in any way that he can to insure your visit with us is pleasant!

Mack Robert Banks was born in Grove, Va, on Christmas day, 1942.Mr. Banks is one of seven children and he has three brothers and three sisters. His father is now 92 years old!

Mr. Banks became a member of the Little Zion Baptist Church in Grove when he was 12 years old. He has been on the Board of Deacons for the last nine years. Mr. Banks feels his most important job, "is serving the Lord."

He has been married to Janet, his wife, for almost 50 years. He and his wife have one son, twin daughters, eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren. One of the grandsons goes to Hampton University and has a football and track scholarship. One of his granddaughters attends VCU on an academic scholarship and is in pre-law. Another granddaughter attends Chowan in North Carolina on a basketball scholarship and will be going into sports medicine. I was told he "really enjoys his family and is very proud of them!"

Mr. Banks was in the Army and then worked for the federal government for 30 years. Trained in the military, he worked at the Navy Weapons Station in Yorktown through the Naval Ordinance Station in Maryland in Research and Development. He was lead engineer and technician. He has since retired as a GS 11.

As he was driving up to the restaurant to apply for a part time job, Mr. Pierce also pulled into the parking lot. The two started talking and Mr. Banks sincerely feels that, "the Lord meant for me to meet Mr. Pierce and get the job." Everyone made me, "feel at ease and welcome."

We feel very fortunate that he is one of our employees. He brings a sense of respectability and responsibility to the job. Mr. Banks told me that he "respects all people and does his best at whatever job he has."

Introduce yourself if you see him. He loves to talk to our guests!!