We have brought back a modern day version of the iconic yellow cup that was used for drinks back in the early 70's! Please save your reusable cups and take a picture drinking from it or holding it in your travels around the globe. If you follow us on Twitter and share a picture with us, using the hashtag #piercesyellowcup we will share it. We are awarding a gift card to the guests with the most interesting picture and furthest away place each month.

Catering Wedding

Just a friendly reminder to let you know that with the warm weather and beautiful days ahead, our Catering Department is ready to meet your every wish!!

Please call or e-mail us and we will do everything in our power to make your party or wedding a huge success. We now have a more varied menu that encompasses everything from "soup to nuts!" A good example would be the array of appetizers that our in house Chef, Steve Sachs, has been serving at some of the booked functions that we have done this winter and spring. Tasty, artistically done, and within the price range for any event you might be interested in having us do for you. Check out our online Catering Scrapbook to see some examples of our offerings.

Deanna Judkins, our Catering Manager, Will help you to make any gathering memorable!!!

Dan from Midlothian

This is Dan Gallihugh from Midlothian, Va. As I walked by him in the dining room I noticed he had covered his barbecue with cole slaw. I said, "I've never seen that done before." He looks at me and says, "that's the way I roll!" Alright, Dan!!

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Original Stand 
Pierces Pitt Bar-B-Que will have its 45th anniversary on October 15, 2016! I am so proud of the accomplishments that have been made. As you know, our mission statement has been to give our customers a good meal at a decent price.

 Doc Pierce
Our customers have enjoyed the time spent in the restaurant and have had many wonderful memories to remember. I appreciate the many wonderful people I have met and the friends that I have made.

Jay and Verdie 
All of this would not be possible without the hard work of many people. My parents, of course, were the driving force along with myself.

 George Lemnios
By my father's side was the first "official pittmaster", George Lemnios. His employment spanned 30 years and he made the drive to Williamsburg from Chesapeake, Virginia!

Jay Pierce and Maggie Bonafe 
Maggie Bonafe started with us and had an over 20 year career with us! Some of her sisters were also employed for some years.

Through the years, I have been proud to have many hard working and loyal employees that are no longer with me. I can't name them all but I can say that it was a pleasure to work with them and hope that their experience working with me was a learning one and a stepping stone to other means of employment.

I have always had a loyal core of workers that have stayed with me. From our Director of Operations, Andrea Hutchinson, with over 30 years of service, to our newest employee, I consider these people to have helped me to attain the success and growth that I have seen during the 45 years of business.

Pierces Employees

I would especially like to commend the employees that have weathered the ups and downs of the restaurant business for the last decade. We have all worked together to make the customer our first priority. The quality of the menu, the good customer service, the cleanliness of the restaurant, are a few of the factors that they have worked diligently to provide.

Pierces Employees

The longest time employed at Pierces is 31 years. There is also 29, 26, 24 and 21! Five employees will celebrate their 10th Anniversary. We have an 11th anniversary this year also!

Pierces Employees

Last but certainly not least are the employees that have reached the 5 to 9 year mark. Nine of my employees have done so. We also have 20 workers that are under 5 years... hopefully some will stay and make Pierce's their career.

I thank you all and appreciate the hard work and dedication that has been shown over and over again. I know that the friendships that have been formed with many of my employees has helped to build a Pierces family.

For the first time in many years we have made some changes to a few recipes that needed a little upgrading for the consumer's changing palates! Our Baked Beans now have a touch of molasses and brown sugar along with some pork from the pit mixed in the background. As a recent customer described them "the most excellent and eclectic beanie weenies ever!"(the hot dogs are still in there!) Our Potato Salad has undergone some revamping as well.
Smoked Brisket Chili 
It's still very similar in flavor with lots of fresh celery and onion and a much cleaner ingredient list.

It's that time of year again where with warming weather we say farewell to Brunswick Stew until the Fall returns. We are continuing to make our Smoked Brisket Chili and will have that daily. If you have not tried it be sure to ask the cashier for a sample when you come in. Chunks of brisket with beans and chipotle peppers, slow simmered make up this popular new comer to our menu.

An last but not least, there is big change for the Pierces' Specials menu items ... they no longer include a cookie. We have tried to find a good cookie at a decent price with no success. The last six months were especially nerve wracking because of the quality of the different cookies we tried.

After many customer complaints, I decided to lower the price of the specials and omit the cookie. If your taste buds are still hankering for something sweet after your meal, our Desserts menu offers a higher quality cookie as well as homemade cakes and pies.

2015 Medal and Badge of Honor 
On 7 December 2015, Seventeen U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and Department of the U.S. Air Force Civilian Leaders from Fort Eustis conducted a Leadership Professional Development Day in our historic area. During their visit they learned the military significance of Yorktown and Colonial Williamsburg.

Service Members with Award 
According to Joel Zecca, Provost Sergeant Major of the 733D Security Forces Squadron, they chose to eat at Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que "not only for the delicious food and excellent customer service but also knowing that Pierce's is military friendly and a proud supporter of the Armed Forces." They called ahead and coordinated accommodations for a large group for seating and at the end of the meal talked with Jerry Bistline, Andrea Hutchinson, and myself. The Commander and Command Sergeant Major presented us with a Certificate of Appreciation for hosting their luncheon and the continued and dedicated support.

We were delighted and honored to have them join us. Thanks for visiting!

Dream Catchers 
Dream Catchers at the Cori Sikich Therapeutic Riding Center is a non-profit serving children and adults with special needs. Pierce's is proud to be a sponsor of the organization that gives 120 weekly therapeutic riding lessons to students with one of 150 conditions that include autism, cerebal palsy, stroke, trauma and cancer.

Dream Catchers 
Dream Catchers holds a perfect score in certification by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International. PATH promotes safe and effective therapeutic horseback riding throughout the world serving men, women and children with special needs.

Pierce's intends to provide one student with lessons on a yearly basis as well as provide the menu for the fundraiser that occurs during the Catch a Dream Campaign and Horse Show in Toano, Virginia.

We have a young man in Poquoson that has had Pierce's for his birthday dinner since he was 10 years old!!

Ryan is now 22 and wants to continue the tradition. His Mother came to pick up the to go order and I was able to spend a little time talking to her and also able to thank her, and Ryan, for being such loyal customers!

Ryan is now a HVAC technician and still with us!!

Carl & Terrie from Ohio write, "I been coming in for the pulled pork dinner for many years, looking forward to the hush puppies and old times with 'Doc' and Pierces Family, I love home cookin, pig in sauce, and that great music that always playing."

Ralph sent along this note, "I have not been to Pierces in a few years as I don't live close by. I had a Jumbo sandwich with slaw for lunch today" ... "it was fantastic. I wanted to turn around, drive back and get another, but my wife is in control of my life and she was driving. Thanks for a great sandwich."

Michele from Yorktown, VA tells us, "We absolutely LOVE Pierces!! Y'all are so AWESOME! Food, service, cleanliness,and convenient hours and place!!"

Sarah Jones of York, Pennsylvania, came into the store recently and let me know that she had been coming to Pierce's since it was a little walkup.

Her father had been a Captain in the Navy and had been stationed at one time at the Amphibious Base in Virginia Beach, Va. They fell in love with the area, even built a cinder block cottage at Chesapeake Beach.

As a young naval officer, he and his new bride were traveling up to Northern Virginia when they noticed a bbq business on the side of the road. They noticed that a black Cadillac was parked out front with a Virginia license plate with the number 1 on it. "If it's good enough for the Governor, the food must be pretty good."

The couple visited many times through the years and "raised their children" on Pierces'. As a matter of fact, one of the daughters, when she started driving, could not find the back road to the restaurant so she just stopped on the side of the interstate and walked on over to the store!!

These are the kinds of stories I love! This is the foundation my business was built on. Loyal customers that not only enjoy the food but pass the habit of stopping by to their children!!