I am very appreciative of the comments that are written by our customers. We read every one of them and take each one, good or bad, to heart! When I walk out to talk to people in the dining room I find that they come from all over the United States. Word of mouth has helped us to continue to be in business for 45 years and to make friends that have come back year after year. Here's a recent sampling:

They are so nice! The entire staff!
The Williams, Lexington, Va. July 2016

This is the best place to eat. Wish we had one closer.
New Castle, Va. July 2016

Andrea D. Camp Lejeune, N.C. June 2016

Great food and service!! Good job to all of the employees.
Wayne S. Canoga Park, CA.

Thank you! Friendly staff and great food.
Lake P. Fort Collins, CO. May 19, 2016

LaToya, she was very nice to the customer and smiling!
B.C.S. Henrico, Va. August 4, 2016

Visited from Colorado and had to come back because of how good it is.
Ali A. Thornton C.O. March 24, 2016

To all of the customers that have been such a great part of our growth, I thank you and want you to know how important you are to me. I know that all of the success that has been achieved through the years has to do with you walking through the doors. Thank you so much!

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November is the perfect time of year to look back on all we are grateful for. I have had the good fortune to be the owner of a restaurant that has recently celebrated its 45th year of business. Same location, but lots of growth through the years that has enabled my restaurant to enjoy success.


Doc and Verdie Pierce, my parents, were excellent examples of the entrepreneurs of their time. My Dad sat me down at the kitchen table and drew a 14x16 drawing of what would be our walkup business. I was all of 15 and all I wanted to do was go outside and ride my mini bike!

 Doc Family and 

Dad instinctively knew that he and my mother were good southern style country cooks and that they should go in business for themselves. Mom made the pies. Dad made the cobblers. He also made sausage and would serve sausage sandwiches!

Always a stickler for quality, Dad wanted to serve the best cut of meat that he could find and decided to use the Boston butt to make the pork barbecue. That piece of meat is still in use today. He would use only fresh ground hamburger. All of the stews or soups were their own recipes.

Early Store As the years rolled by, I adhered to my Dad's practices but realized how important it is to stay relevant and to satisfy the many changes for health conscious and knowledgeable customers.

Chef Steve Sachs came on board two years ago and the changes have been significant. He has taken each recipe and given it a more fresh and inviting taste. Our tried and true baked beans now have some of the smoked pork added as well as other ingredients to enhance the flavor.


The whole chickens smoked on the pits, as well as the fresh chicken pieces that make up the chicken barbecue, are organically grown with no additives or preservatives. We, of course, use our barbecue sauces on both chicken recipes.

Our certified Angus beef brisket is slow cooked over hickory and oak wood for 14 hours and is served on a sandwich, dinner or by the pound. The trimmings from the brisket are used to make the brisket chili which compliments our homemade Brunswick Stew. We also have the brisket burnt ends for sale as a specialty item.

One of the frequently asked questions is about gluten free items. Steve put together a list of gluten free items that is now available at each register.

Chef Sachs has made sure that we only use fresh produce when in season. We had corn on the cob that was grown locally as well as fresh, locally grown collards. Whenever the tomatoes are fresh, especially the Hanovers, you can find them in our salads or sandwiches. Our macaroni and cheese now has three different cheeses in it. The green beans are seasoned with fresh ham hocks.

Our delicious brownies are made from scratch. The pecan and pumpkin pies are some of Steves specialties as well as the cobblers.


I am excited to say that we are now offering a full Holiday meal to be taken home and enjoyed. The 12 to 14 pound turkey, brined overnight, rubbed with my own dry rub, slow smoked over hickory and oak wood. The end result is a plump, very moist and tender turkey with a slightly sweet smoky flavor that I am very proud of.

We also have a fully cooked spiral cut ham done on the pit with an apricot glaze. Delicious for any hoiday meal!

The many sides that we offer, as well as homemade cranberry sauce, can be seen on our web page, Holiday Orders. We have put together a meal that can be purchased inclusive with side dishes and homemade desserts at a reasonable price. Needless to say, all items can be purchased separately. We have fliers in the store that can be picked up or you may also call the store to place your order. The number is 757-565-2955.

In thinking of the holidays please know that I send my best wishes and thank you for making Pierces a Virginia tradition. I love hearing your stories, appreciate seeing your smiling faces, and sincerely know the success was not built by my parents dreams, but by the hard work of my dedicated employees and the support of the community and customers such as yourself.

Have a wonderful holiday season and thank you for joining us on social media.