We are now doing business with another independently owned family run Virginia company!

In 1987, Cliff and Bonnie Logan started Logan's Sausage Company from their kitchen in Alexandria, Virginia. The business, as well as the different types of sausages offered, has grown! They have an array of authentic, ethnic, and old world style recipes. The Logan's use lean muscle meats, make small batches that are fresh every day, and never compromise on quality.

Pierces has started smoking the sausages over hickory and oak wood on our pits. The process takes a few hours but the time is well spent. We now sell them in the restaurant.

We are proud to be able to offer such "made in Virginia" quality product to our customers.

I am also proud to announce that we have started doing business with Carter's Specialty Breads of Charlottesville, Virginia. The business was started in 1939. That's 38 years of business! Mr. Will Carter, the founder, would bake the bread and then drive around and sell the product out of his station wagon.

When talking to Chris Carter recently, he stated that "it was a real struggle in the beginning and about as grass roots as you can get." He, his brother, and their sons now run the business. They are extremely proud of what they do and understand the importance of a good quality product. Another fine example of a family run Virginia company!

We are really glad to know that Carter breads are made with a better grade of flour and the process starts with a sponge dough. In trying to use individually owned "Made In Virginia" companies, I was very happy to find Carters!

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Amari with Denise, Mariah and Jay 
Over the years Pierce's has received tremendous support from the local community. It's with a great deal of gratitude that we engage with local organizations for the benefit of all involved.

Dream Catchers, run by local volunteers, is a therapeutic riding center whose mission is "to improve the quality of life for individuals with physical, emotional, and developmental needs by providing evidence-based therapeutic riding, equine assisted activities, and advancing effective practices through professional education and research."
 Thank you from Amari
Having shown and raised American Saddlebreds all my life and competing at many levels I understand the hard work and pressure of being competitive. It is equally important for the children and their families that are participating in the events at Dream Catchers. The children learn to enjoy a sport that helps to build confidence and balance, among other things. A sense of pride and belonging takes hold. The parents and other family members are also proud of their accomplishments! I was very impressed with the hard work that goes into building confidence and getting these young people to show their skills in front of family and friends.

Catch A Dream Logo 
Pierce's has sponsored two riders with Dream Catchers at Cori Sikich Therapeutic Riding Center in Toano, Virginia. I am proud to say that we were the corporate sponsor for their annual horseshow in 2016 and 2017 and intend to do it in 2018. In addition, a horse will be chosen from Dream Catchers to be the mascot and represent Pierces. There will be more news when it is chosen. The horse will wear a halter, sheet and saddle pad with Pierce's logo.

Without the support of the local community, Pierces would not be where it is today. It's an honor to be able to give something back and we're proud to be able to help. I hope our part will bring awareness and encourage others to be more supportive. If you'd like to learn more about Dream Catchers, visit their website at www.dreamcatchers.org.

Ashley and Michael with flag 
Many thanks go to our friends at our primary food supplier, PFG, and especially Ashley Chisolm. Pierces was presented with a wooden depiction of the Pierces Pitt Bar-B-Que flag. We proudly mounted the gift on the front side of our office building.

The flag was created by Michael Cole of the Cole Trading Company. Mr. Cole was in the Army for 8 years, during which time he had several deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. After becoming disabled, Michael founded his own business and defines himself an entrepreneur, craftsman and adventurer. The specialty of the business is military art. He can do any logo or sign. "Whatever anyone wants as a logo can be done. We have done favorite military units and signs of historical reference." You can see more of Michael's work at his website, www.coletrading.com.

Thanks PFG, Ashley, and Michael!! We are proud to display your gift next to our entrance!

For over twenty five years, we have served our specials, JC Special with the pork barbecue sandwich, Saloon Special with the cheeseburger, and Smokehouse with the chicken barbecue sandwich. For most of that time, the special included a sandwich, fries, drink and cookie! Last year, after many customers express their desire to have a choice of other desserts, we decided to remove the cookie and DECREASE THE PRICE of the specials.
We then found an even better quality cookie to go with our array of other desserts that you might want to purchase and enjoy - carrot cake, pecan, pumpkin, coconut pies, BIG moist chocolate brownies, and lemon pound cake!! Additionally, Chef Sachs makes cobblers, such as apple, peach, and cherry, as well as the occasional banana pudding!

Every spring and summer I try to incorporate fresh produce into the restaurant. Pierce's has been buying hundreds of pounds of Vidalia onions from the Williamsburg Lions Club in recent years. Delicious! I certainly have enjoyed our working relationship with them.

We try to have fresh corn when in season. I have gone to great lengths to find the best available. As many of you know, the Brunswick Stew is not served in the warm weather months as we have found that during this time, sales for it have dropped.
Brisket Chili 
The stew is always brought back as the crisp days of Fall arrive!

One item that is relatively new, the Brisket Chili, will be on the menu all summer. This chili has pieces of the beef brisket added to the beans and other ingredients. The brisket is smoked over hickory and oak wood for 14 hours and the taste is worthy of the time spent smoking it! I am really proud of this item and feel that Chef Sachs has come up with a winner!

 Meghan Morrisette
Meghan Morrisette was hired in December of 2016 as the Catering Coordinator. Meghan assists the Catering Manager, Deanna Judkins, but her duties are more of a focus on the corporate side of the business and starting a delivery service. As Meghan has said, "This area knows Pierces. My job is to bring Pierces to businesses in a more convenient way." She will get information to the customer and help with ideas as to how Pierces can help meet their needs. Any business meeting such as employee appreciation as well as a sporting event, anywhere from a group of 10 up will be something that can be handled with box lunches and brought to your door!

Meghan with van 
Meghan brings a wealth of knowledge to Pierces. She is a graduate of Johnson and Wales and has been in this area for 21 years. Bartending service, café, fine dining, and catering on every scale... she's done it all! Meghan originated from Grosse Ile, Michigan, but moved down here with her parents when they relocated. She and her husband have been married for 16 years and have a 12 year old daughter.


Deanna Judkins 
Our Catering Department, under the supervision of our Catering Manager, Deanna Judkins, has come off of a successful year working with a variety of customers. She has done corporate events, wedding rehearsals and also receptions, graduation parties, topping off events. Anything that the customers have asked of her, she has made sure that things are done in an efficient and timely manner. Mrs. Judkins has been assisted by Chef Steve Sachs, and quite a few of our store employees. We also have relatives of our employees trained to be a big part of catering.

 2016 Best of Party Coastal
I am very proud of all of my hardworking employees that have made the Catering Department such a success. I am proud to say that we get great thank you notes from our satisfied customers all because of the wonderful job Deanna and her crew have done.