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Picnic Park

Spring has sprung and the umbrellas are up! Our picnic area is off to the side of the restaurant with plenty of room for our customers and their families to enjoy the good weather. There are over 30 tables and plenty of room for your and your family or friends to enjoy a meal outside! Let your kids run off some steam before getting back in the car. Or bring a blanket and relax and enjoy nature.

Picnic Park

We are also animal friendly and have doggie stations behind the dumpsters. We also have a water hose right by the back door. Fill up the water bowl for them!

Please do not leave your pets in the car when you come inside to order. Be mindful of their safety. We ourselves don't usually see them but our other customers will let us know when this happens!

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Springtime is here and we are looking forward to another season greeting old friends and making new ones. I have just heard that we have been awarded the Best Barbecue in the State of Virginia by Southern Living Magazine. It is humbling to think that a small walkup can grow to become a favorite of so many people. I have worked through the years with fond memories of so many people, both customers and staff.

My Father and Mother come to mind as the two who gave me the opportunity to learn and grow a business by being honest and open with people. You always paid your bills, you worked long hours, you watched the consistency of your product. The desserts were made from scratch. The Boston butts were the best pork product for the barbecue. You used the best bread that you could afford. You were loyal to the people who helped you in the beginning while working to establish a business.

We are now in our 48th year and have been making quite a few changes in order to keep the business relevant. Food from scratch, using fresh products, using the best you can get! Adding menu items that will help your customers experience the "smoked method" of cooking. The hickory and oak used in the pits give a unique taste to our pork barbecue and chicken barbecue. Whole chickens and beef brisket as well as the pork ribs have been quite a success and are also done on the pits. Our original and honey barbecue sauce are used frequently when preparing the items. There are also a few new secret ingredients used in the recipes!

I was fortunate to find a great source of fresh produce only 8 miles away in Toano, Virginia. Kelrae Farms has supplied us with fresh collards, broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, to mention a few. They also attend the Williamsburg Farmers Market and sell to the public. The collards are made from scratch and are as fresh as you can get. Lots of rave reviews from customers have really helped the collards to be a favorite item. The garden salads have benefitted greatly when the vegetables are in season.

One of the most exciting uses of the open pit is the smoking of turkeys and hams for holiday meals. The turkeys are offered both whole and also the breast portion.

Flyers are placed in the restaurant to be picked up at your leisure the month before Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays. The description of each product as well as side dishes and desserts are included on this. If you can't make it in just call the store and the manager on duty will help you.

The orange and yellow booths are being replaced after having been in use since 1985! Most are in surprisingly good condition. If you would like to own a Virginia tradition please let us know. The booths are being given away free! Call the restaurant and ask for the manager on duty and leave your name and number.

Pierces Smokehouse

Our customers are invited to step outside and see the pits where our products are smoked. We have signs to the right of the restaurant that direct you around to the 6 pits that have been a part of Pierces since the opening. We use hickory and oak wood and slow cook our pork, chicken and beef products. It takes experience to cook these products to perfection.

Here at Pierce's we know it's not only technique, but also the quality of the ingredients that makes a difference. The chicken we use is steroid and antibiotic free. The hamburgers are made with Black Angus beef, fresh ground, cooked to order! Our bread is made in Petersburg, Virginia, by Buffa Italian Bakery. Tony Buffa makes special rolls for us.

When you are looking around out back, you are also invited to talk to our pitmasters if you have any questions concerning their daily duties! They will lift the lids and show you the different items being smoked!

Off to the right side of the property you will see one of the original signs used from 1975 until the new addition was added in 1985. Lots of customers have their pictures taken with the sign in the background. One of the memories I like to share!

Pierces has an experienced catering team to help make your special occassion worry-free. Deanna Judkins is our Catering Manager assisted by Meaghan Morrisette, our Catering Coordinator. The two work closely to provide a memorable experience for their clients. Additionally, Chef Steve Sachs has the knowledge and expertise to help the customer make their wedding, birthday, or any event special.

Pierces offers a full menu, including appetizers as well as desserts, for any event. You can come in and try a sampling for two at no charge in order to help make menu decisions. Whether your event is a small gathering or a larger more formal affair, Pierce's can accommodate your needs.

For more information on Pierce's Catering services, call Deanna or Meaghan at 757-565-2955 or contact them via email at You can also visit our website for more information and to view photos.