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Every year when the seasons begin to change, Pierce's serves up their delicious Brunswick Stew - a hearty blend of white meat chicken, shoe peg corn, green beans, fresh tomatoes, potatoes and carrots in a delicious, savory broth. With the Verdie Special, you get an 8 oz portion of Brunswick Stew, a slice of corn bread, a regular drink and a jumbo cookie.

This month, get 10% off every Verdie Special you order accompanied by a copy of this newsletter. This offer is good until October 15, 2009.

At Pierce's, we know that great Bar-B-Que makes for a great party. As a valued customer, we would like to contribute to your birthday celebrations with a special gift. All you need to do is tell us your birthday month and we'll make sure something special arrives in time for your special day. To register, click here.

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There's a lot of tender loving care that goes into Pierce's flavorful, aromatic and mouth-watering pulled pork bar-b-que sandwiches, not to mention the ribs, chicken, fries and everything else on the menu. From the hickory and oak wood that are used in the smoking process to the special music heard in the restaurant, here's a glimpse into a typical day at the pitts.

The day starts at 5:00 am. That's when the pitt crew comes in to prepare for a long day of cooking. By 7:00, the temperature and cooking conditions are just right for our meat - all lean Boston butts - and cooking begins. Although it takes a while to get 6000 pounds of meat on the grill, it's not long before there's an aromatic plume of smoke drifting across the highway.

The first wave of food service staff arrive at 8:00 am to set up the kitchen and prepare the restaurant for our guests. Throughout the morning, we're also taking in deliveries. There's fresh bread every morning as well as regular arrivals of meat and supplies that arrive two and three times a week. Needless to say, and even before the first guest arrives, the place is buzzing.

The restaurant opens for business at 10:00 am and is on the go until closing at 9:00 pm. No matter how busy it gets, there's always something in the works to keep hungry guests happy. Whether loyal regulars or first-timers from out of state, it's important to know our visitors leave with a satisfied smile.

With all of this hard work, everyone takes well-deserved breaks throughout the day. Most of the staff grab a little fresh air out in the picnic grounds or catch up with colleagues at the break table. For the pitt crew, however, they never wander far from the smokehouse. While they can steal a few minutes out by the woodshed, the cooking process requires constant attention. Ultimately, this relentless attention to detail is what makes Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que so good.

On your next visit, you'll probably notice a newly completed administration building just behind the smokehouse. It's a wonderful space. Bright, cheerful and inviting with a big patio out front. While the work that goes on in this structure is nowhere near as exciting as the goings on inside the smokehouse, this is where the i's get dotted, the t's crossed and efforts are made to ensure that everything at Pierce's is well looked after.

While there's plenty more that makes Pierce's special, we thought you'd enjoy this little peak behind the scenes. If you have any questions, want to learn more or would like to share a story of your own, just click here.

If you thought Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que was built upon mouth-watering pulled pork sandwiches, French fries, sweet tea and 50s music, then you've not met Andrea Hutchinson. With her dedicated service and valued friendship, we are pleased to celebrate Andrea's 24th anniversary at Pierce's.

Andrea started working with Pierce's as the manager of their Waterside restaurant in Norfolk Virginia. She subsequently moved on to help J.C. Pierce run the restaurant's catering operations from the back of "Doc" Pierce's red pickup truck.

According to Pierce's owner J.C. Pierce "I stole Andrea away from Waterside to help me with catering. Andrea was impressive then and continues to impress me today."

Today, and whether catering events from a much nicer mini-van, greeting customers at the front counter, helping out in the kitchen or lending a hand around the pitts, Andrea is always on hand.

FYI: When not working at Pierce's, Andrea enjoys reading, collects china teacups and teapots, participates in exercise groups and stays very active. Her children and grandchildren, however, are her #1 distraction and light up her life.

An interesting note is that all three of Andrea's children have, at one time or another, worked at Pierce's. Her son Nick and daughter Annie have moved on to pursue other adventures. Kim, however, still works at Pierce's today as the Office Manager and personal assistant to J.C. Pierce.

The next time you visit Pierce's, please join us in celebrating Andrea's 24 years of non-stop warmth, generosity and valued contributions.