10% OFF

We're celebrating our 38th year and want to include you in the festivities. We're offering two specials - 10% off the Verdie Special and 10% off the Anniversary Special.

With the Verdie Special, you get an 8 oz portion of Brunswick Stew, a slice of corn bread, a regular drink and a jumbo cookie.

The Anniversary Special is tailor made for our special day featuring Pierce's renown pulled pork bar-b-que. With the Anniversary Special, you get a regular bar-b-que sandwich topped with coleslaw, a side of fries, side of hush puppies and a dinner sized serving of baked beans.

This offer is good, when accompanied by a copy of this newsletter, until November 15, 2009.

At Pierce's, we know that great Bar-B-Que makes for a great party. As a valued customer, we would like to contribute to your birthday celebrations with a special gift. All you need to do is tell us your birthday month and we'll make sure something special arrives in time for your special day. To register, click here.

Want to learn a bit more about Pierce's Pitt? Ever wonder how Pierce's makes its fabulous bar-b-que? Want to see all the action? There are two behind-the-scenes videos now available on YouTube for you to enjoy. To view the "Pierce's Overview," click here.

If you?d like to see "Making the BBQ," click here.

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Pierce's has been a tradition in Virginia for a very long time. To be exact, the restaurant opened on October 15, 1971 on the same site where it exists today. Of course, there have been plenty of changes, all positive and all exciting.

On Thursday, October 15, 2009, Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que will celebrate its 38th year of business with a fundraiser for three exceptional Virginia-based organizations that do a tremendous amount of good in very special ways - the Heritage Humane Society, the York County Department of Fire and Life Safety and Habitat for Humanity. Of course, we want you to enjoy the taste that's made Virginia great while you're here and share in the excitement of our special day. So we're offering a few price specials as well.

Starting around 11am and running through the lunch hour until 2pm, we'll have representatives from each of these three organizations at the restaurant with special displays, information and suggestions about how you can contribute to their good works.

Want to get up close and personal with a fire truck? How about a medic unit? Come on down and have a look at some real equipment and meet some of York County's finest. They'll be on hand to answer your questions and show you around. They'll also remind you that, with the change of seasons, this is the time to put fresh batteries in your smoke detectors.

It's always nice to come home to a warm reception and welcoming kisses. If you like the way a furry friend says hello, the Heritage Humane Society has just the thing for you. They'll be on hand with cats and dogs eager to come home and join your family. They are also holding a raffle for a brand new 2010 Cadillac. So come on down and make some new furry friends. Perhaps you'll win a new car too.

Not all Virginian's enjoy the good fortune of a safe and affordable home. Habitat for Humanity will be on hand to explain what they've been doing to help individuals and families throughout the state and ways in which you can help as well.

We look forward to seeing you here at Pierce's and introducing you to our special friends from these very special organizations. Whether you're looking for a new pet, some fire safety tips, want to help build homes or simply want to enjoy a great bar-b-que sandwich, we hope you'll join us in our celebrations. Thursday October 15th is sure to be a very special day.